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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 10, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking now, new fears about the dangerous mississippi swallowing homes as it peaks this morning. casinos turned into islands. losing millions, as waters rise. diane sawyer leads our coverage from the flood zone. and we wake up to the news that maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger are calling it quits. why are they separating after 25 years of marriage? rescued. our interview with the mother who survived on seven weeks on trail mix and candy. now, her rescuers tell their amazing story. and the honeymooners.
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will and kate sneak off to a tropical island. where does the most famous couple in the world escape to get away from it all? good tuesday morning, everyone. getting away for a little bit. >> they are. getting sun and seashells. that is far, far away. 1,500 miles off the east coast of africa. they have quiet final. first, the flooding has peaked in memphis right now. downstream, the danger still on the way. residents all over the mississippi delta, preparing for the worst. and we continue our live coverage from that region this morning. diane and sam, standing by down there. >> it's cresting right now. we have surprising news overnight, late last night from california, arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver announced they are separating.
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this comes after schwarzenegger finished two terms as governor of california. and just before their 25th wedding anniversary. we look at what's behind the breakup. >> you hate to wake up to that news. >> 25 years. another story we're following, reports that shocking photographs of princess diana, right after the fatal crash in that paris tunnel. those photos will be revealed for the first time in a new documentary in cannes this week. >> the royal family not responding yet. but their friends are putting out the word. one source saying they hope people will treat this with the contempt it deserves. they won't be shown in britain. let's get to the latest on the floods. the mississippi river is peaking in memphis this morning. and diane sawyer is right there. diane? >> good morning to you, george. this is the moment of truth. as we are coming on the air, as "good morning america" is broadcasting across the country, these waters, this river is going to crest. and we are talking 48 feet, not
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seen in 75 years. pushing up against those levees. the national guard, now being sent in around the city, to help out. and as we travel throughout the city yesterday, we discovered that so many people are simply counting on the army corps of engineers and the levees to hold. this morning, as the river is rising, the people of the river watch and wait. >> we're waiting on the crest. and waiting for the river to go down. >> reporter: and they hope. >> that's all we can do. you know, god's in control. so, that's all we can do, is just wait and see what happens. >> reporter: and we discovered, the water is moving so fast, you can see it, gaining ground. we spent time with colonel rieshling, the man in charge of making sure the levees hold. the army corps of engineers, inspectors looking up and down the river, looking at the levee.
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colonel, what will you exhale? >> i don't think we exhale until the river crest passes memphis and we start to see the tributaries that roll into or move into the main river, start to go down. >> reporter: but all along the rising waters, people, determined to carry on. even children, who helped their parents make sandbags to protect their school. does it make you scared at night when you go to sleep? >> yeah. >> reporter: what do you do when you get scared at night? >> i get in bed with my parents. >> reporter: i want to say, i am proud of you, for saying that on nationwide tv. and for all the danger, you can see with the water, there's that other danger. the poisonous snakes, swarming underneath. the water moccasins. highly dangerous water moccasins. if you try to come home here and lift up a piece of wood, like
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this one over here, you never know that they are not clinging on the other side. they say don't touch these, unless you see everything all around them. these are snakes that have no fear of humans. and no kidding. we could see the snakes from our boat. if you ever doubted how much people in memphis are living right next to the water's edge, lapping near their feet, look at this. this is the size of a catfish someone caught right in their backyard, right near their house. and we have a lot of amazing stories, coming up tonight on "world news." i'm going to head out right now to start bringing them to you. robin, i'll throw back to you with another good morning. >> as always, diane. thank you for stopping by. and sam is in the middle of all going on in memphis this morning. good morning, sam. >> good morning, robin. and incredibly, the mighty mississippi river is six-times its normal size. it's an incredible fact. while folks know how much water
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will get into their town, all eyes are turned downriver, as this water heads all the way south. the river is cresting in memphis at 48 feet. its second-highest ever, surrounding even these casinos south of the city. casinos are big business. there are nine of them, including a hera's and bally. there are about 7,500 hotel rooms in this area. all of this, we said, is closed. that's six feet of water in the parking lot. jim neil, of the north tunica fire department, showed us firsthand what is keeping the levees from devastating this area. even though we're sitting in floodwater, and that's not a good thing. you feel comfort that the water on the other side of the
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mississippi will stay over there. >> correct. i feel about as comfortable as i can feel about water staying where it's supposed to. these levees are doing what they are supposed to do. >> reporter: but there's more danger ahead. the mississippi runs through 30 of our states. that's 1 million square miles of land, draining its water in there. in a week and a half, the crest moves to vicksburg, mississippi, breaking the 1927 by nearly two feet. then, on to baton rouge. water there could break the record by five feet. and finally, to new orleans. three feet below the levees. not a record. but still a concern. and new orleans is not taking any chances. they just opened a spillway to divert some of the water into lake pontchartrain. there are two more spillways. and spillway will become the headline term as we go into the weekend. two more spillways that could save new orleans an awful lot of
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water. but they have a headache of their own, for folks who will be flooded from the water that's released from the spillway. george? >> sam, thanks very much. we'll be watching this all week long. we're going to turn, now, to the surprise split making headlines this morning. late last night, maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger put out a statement, saying they were going to split after 25 years of marriage. david wright has been tracking this. he joins us from los angeles. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. this couple spent long stretches of time apart during schwarzenegger's years in the governor's office. but this announcement brings together one of the most unusual partnerships in american media and politics. 25 years of marriage, ending overnight with a statement. after a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion and prayer, we came to this decision together, it said. at this time, we are living apart, while we work on the future of our relationship. shriver reportedly moved out of their brentwood home weeks ago.
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>> i want to thank her for the love and the strength that she's given me. and i know how many votes i got today because of you. >> reporter: for a quarter-century, it was an unexpected love story. >> we are married. >> consider that a divorce. >> reporter: he was a republican superstar from austria. she was a daughter of camelot. her mother was jfk's sister. >> to people who have never met arnold for met him for 5 seconds 30 years ago. >> reporter: allegations of infidelity threatened to derail his bid for the governor's office, she famously went on oprah winfrey. >> they say, she's a kennedy woman. and they always look the other way. >> well, that ticks me off. i am my own woman. i have not been, quote, bred to look the other way. >> reporter: by standing by her man, she helped make him
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acceptable to women voters. >> this woman here has been the most incredible friend. and most incredible wife and mother that you can think of. >> reporter: perhaps the tea leaves were there, on youtube. >> like a lot of you, i'm in transition. >> reporter: in this video, posted march 28th, shriver asks her followers about moving on. >> how did you get through it? what were the three things that enabled you to get through your transition? >> reporter: as they note in their joint statement, this is a time of great personal and professional transition for both of them. schwarzenegger, out of california governor, his approval rating in the toilet. and shriver recently lost both her parents. a tough year for both of them. >> a hard year on them. we're going to talk more about this with howard bragman. he is the chairman of 15 minutes p.r., and abc news consultant. and many people are wondering about the timing of this. just recently, arnold schwarzenegger, completing his
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second term as governor. what do you make of the timing? >> you know, people in california know, they were very independent. arnold never really moved out to sacramento. he would go up there day after day in a private jet. people talked about their house. they lived in a compound. 17 people lived there and could not see each other. he was off being governor. she was off doing amazing work on women's issues. it's not surprising. a lot of relationships, after 25 years, the kids get grown, people look and say what do we have in common anymore? and i suspect that's what happened. >> we heard in david's piece, how maria on facebook, posted that on transition. and saying, it's so stressful not to know what you're going to do next. and people can't believe that you don't know what you're doing. i guess there's something about marriage after 25 years. and you would think that, well, unfortunately, no marriage is
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immune from difficulties. >> that's absolutely true. and there were a lot of clues. late april was their 25th wedding anniversary. and these two who tweet everything about their lives, totally ignored it. she was seen in public without her wedding ring. and i think "the l.a. times" got suspicious and painted them in a corner. they had to come out with a statement. >> and what about their public images? david wright was talking about where arnold schwarzenegger is right now. and maria is so revered. she had the powerful women's conferences i was a part of in long beach. the couple is going forward after the separation. >> there's a certain irony. he was considered one of the worst governors in california history. and she is considered one of the best first ladies of california. their history has been independent of each other. even on 2008, on election night, he was campaigning for mccain. she was campaigning for obama. they've always sort of relished
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their independence. >> do you think he will go back to movies? >> absolutely. in a big way. it's probably a lot more fun for arnold to be single as a movie star. >> we'll leave it at that. howard, thanks very much. we're going to turn to washington now. and a major, new demand from house speaker, john boehner. in a battle with president obama, boehner laid down the gauntlet last night, saying republicans won't let the federal government borrow more money without major budget cuts. >> without significant spending cuts and changes in the way we spend the american people's money, there will be no increase in the debt limit. and the cuts should be greater than the accompanying increase in the debt limit, that the president has given. >> and we go to jon karl for more on this down in washington. let's decode that. dollar for dollar, a spending cut for every new dollar you borrow. if the administration wants to
7:14 am
borrow enough money to get through the end of next year, that means close to $2 trillion in spending cuts. >> reporter: this is incredible. the government is about to max out the credit card. the white house is warning of dire consequences if the debt limit isn't raised. and boehner is talking about cuts we have never seen before. consider this, george. last month, the government was driven to the brink of shutdown in a battle over $38 billion in cuts. now, he's talking about $2 trillion in cuts or more. we're looking at about 50-times the battle we had last month. >> we haven't had an official statement from the white house yet. but they may be open to this, depending on the timeline for the cuts. >> reporter: yeah. that's right. boehner did not say how long he wants this to happen. but democrats on the hill are saying this is unrealistic and boehner is playing with fire. the talks are off to a rough start. >> jon karl, thanks very much. now, a war of words between the u.s. and pakistan, over who gets to talk to the women bin laden left behind.
7:15 am
the u.s. has been pressuring pakistan for access to bin laden's wives. brian ross has been tracking the latest. >> good morning, robin. one sign that pakistan may be trying to patch things up with the u.s., an american official says pakistan has promised to soon make available for questioning the three bin laden wives found living in his secret compound. the u.s. hopes they could provide key details of their lives as the real housewives of abbottabad. they all lived under one roof. apparently, abiding by religious interpretations that require multiple wives to set aside jealousy and provide sex when called. >> fulfilling the desires of the, you know, male leader or the husband in the family, is a very important duty for women. >> reporter: bin laden's biographers say the youngest wife, 29-year-old amal, with whom he had three children, was his favorite. on the night of the raid, she was the wife with bin laden in the bedroom.
7:16 am
shot in the leg by a navy s.e.a.l. some believe each of the wives may have played an important role in his operation. >> i think osama bin laden may be -- to give each wife, you know, a duty to do. >> reporter: amal comes from yemen, the southwest province of yib, presented as a wife when she was a teen. the cleric that arranged the marriage, that he was given the task of finding a woman of high moral values. amal has never made him upset, with reprisal or guilt, for not offering a better lifestyle. he said that amal would attempt to shield bin laden. she wanted to be a martyr, because she is a true, muslim woman, the cleric said. u.s. officials said the two other, much older bin laden wives were in the compound.
7:17 am
um khalid, and um hamza, the mother of hamza, are from saudi arabia and described as highly educated, content of sharing a husband. >> to have the opportunity to be within his family would be appealing, even for some of the educated women. >> reporter: there is no timetable as to when the u.s. authorities could talk to the three widows. but u.s. authorities say, the sooner the better. robin and george? >> indeed. all right, brian. thanks so much. going to turn to josh elliott with other stories develop right now. >> good morning. things escalating this morning in libya. nato war planes bombed several targets overnight in the capital of tripoli. the heaviest bombing in weeks. several government buildings were hit in the attacks. meanwhile, president obama visits the u.s./mexico border today to renew his push for new immigration laws. border agents in arizona, meanwhile, just uncovered this smuggling tunnel. complete with electricity, running water and ventilation.
7:18 am
eight such tunnels have been found since october. and microsoft, reportedly close to buying skype. and for big money. $8.5 billion. "the wall street journal" says an announcement could come as soon as today. and ten days after their fairy tale wedding, prince william and his pride have left for their honeymoon. the royal twosome somehow managed to dodge reporters. how that could happen, i don't know. word is, they jetted off to the seychelles where they will have an island all themselves. the seychelles, 900 miles east of africa. i can tell you, diving as spectacular as anywhere in the world. >> you've been? >> just saying. >> oh, wow. >> all to themselves? >> an island all to themselves. it's an island chain. >> there's 115 of them. >> on a little island, that's pretty good. sam, what have you got on the weather today? >> hey. good morning, you guys. i'm just sending out the tweets.
7:19 am
we have the official information that the mississippi river has crested here in memphis, at 48 feet. just under 48 feet. and the record crest is still at 48.7. let's get to the boards. we're going to severe weather. there's two zones of it. two hot zones fargo to minneapolis. then, cincinnati to columbia. there will be strong, gusty winds. and lightning and hail there. we'll look at the big board to talk about record heat. we'll go into it more in the next half hour. wichita, kansas, got the earliest 100 degrees ever. houston was 94. omaha, 95. the same again today.
7:20 am
bright sunshine to start our day. of use sprinkles out west. locally, a lot of sunshine -- a few sprinkles out west. locally, a lot of sunshine. 53 downtown. 44 winchester. 49 hagerstown. 57 in lexington park and annapolis. cloudy this afternoon. f will look and george, robin, i can't wait to show you this. this is sergeant derek mills of the shelby county sheriff's department. we're going to show you this all-terrain vehicle when we come back. >> sam, look forward to that. coming up, shocking new
7:21 am
photos of princess diana, just after the fatal crash in paris. why they're being revealed now. plus, lara spencer looks at the study of the diet that helps you lose the weight and keep it off for good. and the family that saved the mom stranded in the woods for weeks. i thought i was going to be it forever, but then it was dig deep time, and i brought it... and i struck like a cobra. that was a good tag. [ male announcer ] kids take play seriously. nourish it. quaker chewy -- the goodness of whole grains, no high fructose corn syrup and 25% less sugar than the leading sweet snacks.
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live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. is 7:26 on this tuesday, may
7:27 am
10. thuman with your news update. we will start with checking on your roadways. commute -- is the commute? >> pretty well saturated. delays out of dale city into springfield. traffic is on the side of the screen. is the pace all the way to pentagon. the 14th street bridge. this out ofke germantown. down to theke you beltway. good on the george washington parkway. no worries in the district. is lower 14th street in reagan building. systemsl is on normal service systemwide. we mentioned that brief, a light sprinkle. is west of the blue ridge. that is pretty much it for the light sprinkle action this morning. district, we have
7:28 am
some high, and clouds. more clouds will move in later today. likell look and feel a lot yesterday. at 53 in the district. 44 in winchester. fredericksburg is up to 53. maybe a few degrees warmer tomorrow. weekendsee changes the this weekend, with a better for showers and thunderstorms. investigators are looking cause of an early- morning house fire at a home on avenue. authorities say four people made but a dog was killed. investigators are looking for a who occasionally lives at that
7:29 am
7:30 am
>> hey. >> how is that for a first kiss? >> oh, my. he's happy. >> and who can blame elliot? it was the first one. it is a viral sensation. more than 4 million hits on youtube and climbing. it's also some controversy. but elliot is pretty happy about it. >> it is. he was high-fiving everybody. and you're right, controversy about that. saying they're too young. i don't know. outrage this morning over new photos of princess diana,
7:31 am
too. they may be the last ones ever shot of her. also, lara spencer will look at a brand-new study of the diets, jenny craig, weight watchers, slim fast. we'll put them to the test. and whitney houston, her troubles continue, unfortunately. in treatment again. we'll look at the latest of her struggles with addiction. >> we're going to get to that. but, the incredible rescue of the woman who survived seven weeks in the wilderness, with nothing to eat but some trail mix and some hard candy. we're going to talk to the family who found her. but first, ryan owens has the latest on the search for her husband, ho is still missing. >> reporter: searchers in the high range of nevada, battling high winds and frigid temperatures. it's nearly impossible to believe 59-year-old albert could survive here for nearly two months. but no one is giving up hope.
7:32 am
after all, his wife, rita, did make it. huddled in the couple's stranded minivan. she ate a teaspoon a day of trail mix and drank melted snow. three days after their van got stuck in the mud on a road trip to las vegas, albert left his wife to find help. he brought the van's gps unit with him. and searchers are armed with the exact kind of gps, shipped from the same store in canada, where he bought it. meanwhile, his wife, who was rescued on friday, continues to strengthen. after a weekend on a liquid diet, she's now eating solid foods and should be able to go home in a few days. likely, without her husband. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, twin falls, idaho. and we turn, now, to an exclusive interview with the family that found rita. troy sill, his daughter, whitney
7:33 am
herman, and her husband, chad. what an amazing story. troy, let me begin with you. you're on your atvs, doing what is called shedding, looking for elk antlers. and what did you see? >> we come around the corner. and there was a two-wheel drive van. thinking what is this doing here? we pulled up to it and noticed a sign on the window of it that said stuck, help. and so, i just -- i looked and i seen a head pop up. and i gave the signal, are you okay? and i seen a head shaking in there going, no, no. >> and you went up to there. and, whitney, when you got to rita, she said you three were the answer to her prayers. >> uh-huh. >> what kind of condition -- >> we were. for us, we could tell that she
7:34 am
was weak. she couldn't stand for long periods of time. but she looked very well. she's an amazing lady. >> when you got there, you actually -- you tried to figure how to get her out. but there was no power in the battery. chad, you had to leave rita there and go back to a ranch you noticed about nine miles away. it must have been hard to leave her. but there was really no other way, was there? >> correct. we couldn't move her. the road was too rough. and we needed to get help to her as soon as possible. so, we went to a ranch that i knew was down the canyon. and called 911. and life flight came out as soon as possible. >> and when you got back to her, troy, what did you see? >> she had packed up her goods and was ready to go home. ready to get out of there. it was amazing when we got back,
7:35 am
what the adrenaline had done for her. she had her suitcase there. had taken the signs down. the blankets. and was ready to go home. >> that was incredible. she's been there for seven weeks, while you go away and get her help. she is packing up and cleaning up? >> yep. yep. >> wow. >> it was amazing. >> that is just incredible. it's amazing that you got to her in time. of course, we're all praying for her husband, hoping against hope, that he can be found alive, as well. i know, whitney, you haven't had a chance to see whitney since last friday. what would you say to her now? >> just let her know that our thoughts and priors are with her and her family at this time. she's an amazing lady. >> she's an amazing lady. and you are just resourceful people who saved her life.
7:36 am
that must be an incredible feeling. thank you for coming on and sharing your story today. >> yep. >> thank you. okay. it's time, now, for the weather and sam champion. hey, sam. >> hey, george. when last we left you, we told you were we going to show you this all-terrain vehicle in shelby county. this is sergeant derek mills of the shelby county sheriff's department. they have a couple of these, right? >> yes, sir. >> they go around. they can go in land and water. take us for a ride as we do weather. they'll go through land and water. they will rescue people. you will tell them, they need to get out? >> that's right. we have been using these nonstop the last two weeks. go from land, mud. >> land, mud, trees, everything. let's go to the boards. i have never done this before. we have had -- we've seen those 90s and 100-degree temperatures in the middle of the country. we'll see them from the south all the way to the north. there's one area of
7:37 am
joy >> you can tell we are still on land. >> all that weather was brought to you by volkswagen. we're on land now. but we're about to get into water now. we're in water now. >> sam was having so much fun on that atv, he didn't want to throw it back to me. when we come back, which diet really keeps the weight off for good? aaah! [ airplane engine whines ] [ grunts ] [ dog barking ] gah!
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we're back at 7:41. nearly 45 million americans diet every year, spending billions on weight loss products. with so many diets out there, how do you choose? "consumer reports" out with a brand-new study. and brand-new to us, lara spencer with all of this. >> it looks like we're pigging out. but not so, robin. forget the cookie diet. forget the cleanse. consumer reports says all you need is a frazier, a microwave
7:42 am
and some willpower. >> dive into your summer. >> reporter: celebrities can do it. >> i lost over 50 pounds with jenny craig. >> reporter: but for us mere mortals, even the word makes us cringe. >> dieting sucks. >> pain. restriction, lack of fun. >> i'm on a see food diet. >> reporter: jenny craig takes first prize over weight watchers and slim fast. jenny craig earned 85 out of 100 points from "consumer reports," for nutrition, most pounds lost, and having most dieters stick with the plan for the long haul. >> the fact that jenny craig had such a good compliance and stick-to-itness is giant in its favor. >> reporter: coming in second, is slim fast. the reason, simplicity? but "consumer reports" found most people drop out after six
7:43 am
months. number three, weight watchers. "consumer reports" deemed it the most flexible plan with its points system. the top three diets all work in very different ways. jenny craig dieters eat preprepared meals and have a weekly session with a counselor. slim fast dieters have a shake for breakfast and lunch. and then, a 500-calorie dinner. weight watchers lets you eat what you want, as long as you stay in your point systems. and as far as celebrities, weight watchers and jenny craig has celebrities weighing in. and jennifer hudson, springing the praises of weight watchers. all right. so, how did they determine these results? "consumer reports" analyzed the data from the weight loss plans. and looked at clinical weight loss studies for each. and obviously, taste matters. i'm using robin as our guinea
7:44 am
pig. >> didn't we say we were all going to taste the food? >> we did. >> i remembered that. >> let me give you a rundown on what you're about to dive into. jenny craig's breakfast scramble. i like this one. it does not come with the veggies. >> you're going to drink a shake. >> i'm going to have a shake. >> i like it. >> that's really good. >> i did this after. you're having the chocolate royale, from slim fast. >> is this my whole breakfast? >> and this is your lunch. french vanilla. >> i need vegetables. >> this is weight watchers' version of the egg mcmuffin. >> okay. >> try the egg mcmuffin, josh. try the egg mcmuffin. >> we reached out to you guys. all of the diet companies. that's no egg mcmuffin, i have to tell you. we reached out. some did take issue with the
7:45 am
results. you can find the responses on our website, i need a sip of my french vanilla. robin? we'll be back. >> after that bite. >> we'll be back. ever wish vegetables didn't taste so vegetably? well, v8 v-fusion juice gives you a full serving of vegetables, plus a full serving of fruit. but it just tastes like fruit. v8. what's your number?
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7:49 am
here it is. that first kiss, seen and heard around the world. here's john berman. >> reporter: do you remember your first kiss? elliot and bowy will. and their second, third, fourth and fifth. their kisses, now seen by more than 4 million people on youtube and counting. in this video, licensed by abc news, it started with a peck. >> why did you kiss me? >> right there. >> reporter: 5-year-old elliot, wearing an all you need is love, t-shirt. 6-year-old bowie, literally the
7:50 am
girl next door. and her middle name, literally, love. after a return smooch on the shoulder. >> you kiss me. i kiss you. >> reporter: the moment of truth. now, mom watching nearby, thought that was enough. but elliot, head nodding, thought that was awesome. >> yay. >> reporter: after a few more for good measure, mom posted the video to youtube. >> i only posted it so we can show our family, oh, check out this. it's kind of cute of them. >> that's where it went nuts. justin bieber saw it and tweeted it to the world, noting, this kid has game. others saw and loved it. this is adorable. this is the cutest thing ever. but some are not so sure kids should be doing this. comments like, get a room. and on twitter, too much, too soon, too young. for the record, elliott and bowie, who have picked up the nickname, el-bow, are the best
7:51 am
of friends. who will always have this, the best of memories, to share with each other. and several million internet users. for "goomorning america," john berman, abc news, new york. >> they tried it. they liked it. >> yeah. >> she's going to break his heart one day. >> oh, come on. >> come on, josh. >> it's lovely, though. young love. just watch yourself, elliott. >> it's stirring some memories. >> lots of them. and none of them good. chaz bono's coming up. now, keeping the pests out. summertime and the living is easy. until the stinging insects come up and invade your space. how do you keep them away? get the answer now at ♪ there are milestones that no parent wants to miss.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. is 7:56 on this tuesday, may tendered i am scott newsn with your local update. roadwaysook at the baden there is a maryland and virginia. there's a water main break on in maryland. the rest of the even your drive home.
7:57 am
in prince william county, they wreck on to 34 dumfries road. of 234 will be closed. becausetraffic stressed volume southbound off and on 270 at falls road. in virginia, we have slow traffic leaving springfield 2 king st. and the 14th street bridge. what a great time lapsed i the sun rise over arlington. that is the arons line running through. there are some-clowns room -- clouds of running through. it looked like yesterday. annapolis is 57 degrees. a comfortable start to the day.
7:58 am
partly cloudy, seasonable, in 70's and the same seey tomorrow and we will pattern until the weekend. it could soon cost you to drive to dulles airport. the airport authority is put tollsg a plan to the dulles access road. fore tolls would help pay the dulles road projects. we will be back with another at 8:27. for continuous news coverage, tune in to news channel 8.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i'm every woman it's all in me ♪ this is from whitney houston's unforgettable concert, 2009, in the park. that was an unforgettable morning. unfortunately, whitney's troubles are continuing. she's continuing treatment. and we'll have the latest on that. i remember that morning so well. >> a huge morning. and you can only look at the
8:01 am
fact she's back in rehab as good news. taking care of herself. >> i have cancer. if it comes back, i have to have more treatment. it's no different. and we have to realize that addiction is an illness. and things like this happen. we wish her the very best. >> we do. also, chaz bono is going to be here. he grew up as chastity bono, in the spotlight. and always knew something was wrong. now, chaz bono, he's out. he's going to talk about his new life as a man. he has a new book, a new documentary. very revealing. we'll have him coming up. >> his new book is called "transition." looking forward to talking to chaz. you'll be talking, donny osmond is back. he was mere e here with marie yesterday. >> he loves doing this. he is our go-to guy on "dancing with the stars." his play-by-play on what happened last night. his highlights. who he thinks is going to make it in the finals. and he's raring to go.
8:02 am
>> i'll bet you he tells you he's the last guy that won. >> especially with marie not here to shoot him down. right now, to the news and josh elliott. >> we begin with the slow-motion disaster, in memphis, where the mississippi river has just crested at its second-highest level ever, the national guard is now deployed in the city. the levee system is holding. but all eyes are now turning downriver, where records could be shattered in the coming days. we'll check in with sam, who is in the flood zone, in just a moment. meanwhile, pakistan is making a concession that could ease diplomatic tensions with the u.s., allowing u.s. officials to question osama bin laden's three wives, found in the compound, where he was killed. but new details are surfacing about the lack of trust between the u.s. and pakistan. president obama reportedly added troops to last week's raid in case pakistani forces interfered. and a new documentary is provoking outrage in england. it features a never-before-seen
8:03 am
picture of princess diana, as she lay dying. our nick watt is in london with the details. nick? >> reporter: good morning, josh. just as we hear that william and kate are off on their honeymoon, the release of this film, which is so controversial, that theaters and broadcasters here in britain refuse to even show it. this 90-minute film claims to be an investigation of what really happened. >> i don't think many people would want me to be queen. when i say many people, i mean the established times. >> reporter: the brits think diana was murdered. >> she said to me, i'm trouble for them. i won't go away. >> reporter: there was the cover-up. and most controversially. the movie includes paparazzi close-up shots after the crash aftermath, in which diana, close to death, can be seen. these photos have never been published in britain. and all will be shown late their week on the big screen at the
8:04 am
world-famous cannes film festival. directed by a maverick british actor-turned director, and backed by mohammed al fayed, whose son, dodi, died with diana last night. some have claimed that prince philip was behind her death. >> when a woman leaves a note like, fyi, if i'm dead, this is how it happened and it happens exactly like that, i think someone should pay attention. >> reporter: an official $20 million inquest concluded that diana and dodi were killed because their driver was drunk and lost control. but the embers of conspiracy continue to be found by mohammed a al fayed. >> nick watt. we learned overnight, california's power couple, arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver are separating after 25
8:05 am
years of marriage. they say they made the decision together, after reflection and prayer. some days, being a tv news guy isn't all it's quacked up to be. a reporter in indianapolis, found 11 ducklings in a storm drain. nobody else was around. it was up to him to save the day. as the mother duck anxiously looks on, he ducked into the sewer and began the delicate process of -- >> are you kidding me? >> of getting them to safety. >> quack and duck? >> one baby was a bit stubborn, george. when all was said and done, fair to say the reporter had all his ducks in a row. >> you get two. but not three. >> the same can't be said for this newscast. that's the news, thus as it is. let's get to sam champion with the weather. >> please. >> good morning, josh, george. good morning, robin. we are with sergeant derek mills again.
8:06 am
go ahead, sergeant. we'll kick off. i want to show you how this atv works. we've had a lot of fun with it. i want to thank bill owens, the sheriff of shelby county. they will rescue people. they will go to flooded zones and tell people they need to get out of their homes. and if they need to, they will carry them out of their homes in a vehicle like this. shelby county has two of these. let's get to the boards. we're going to start with record heat, i think is where we're starting. atlanta, you're going for the next couple days into the 90s. chicagoland, as well. 87 degrees to 86. when atlanta gets to 90, this is the first time of the seaso beautiful time lapse of the frederick and of sunshineot today. frederick 57 degrees in arlington. in the 50's everywhere.
8:07 am
it will be another sunny day scattered clouds developing this afternoon. it will look and feel like yesterday. this weather pattern will persist on till the weekend we than otherer chance and to get around it, folks, you really have to use odd equipment like this because otherwise, those folks are going to be stranded. george? >> sam, thanks very much. we're going to turn to the latest news from whitney houston. the pop icon has had a public battle with drug and alcohol addiction, is back in a rehab program. she had her last comeback, really clean, right here on "gma," in 2009. as chris connelly reports, her road to recovery has been anything but smooth. ♪ i want to dance with somebody ♪ >> reporter: by the standards of whitney houston's public life over the last decade or so, word yesterday that she is back in
8:08 am
rehab qualifies as good news. back in the 1980s, her once-in-a-generation voice, strong, supple, soaring, brought enthusiasm to dance pop. ♪ how will i know >> reporter: and made a nation gasp in admiration, during the gulf war, with this rendition of "the star-spangled banner" at the super bowl in 1991. ♪ and i >> reporter: years after 1992's "the bodyguard," and her cover of dolly parton's "i will always love you," came a familiar pop star decent. there were erratic performances and personal appearances. and legal issues for her and husband, bobby brown. even tabloids scandal. always, there were rumors of drug use. rumors she confirmed after the fact, in this september 2009 interview with oprah winfrey.
8:09 am
>> your drug choice was weed combined with cocaine. >> with rock cocaine, s. >> reporter: she had gone to rehab. divorced bobby brown. but have houston's life changes come too late to recover the voice. her much-heralded 2009 comeback, did not resolve the issue. >> i was going to ask it, what was it, in those seven years that brought you right here today? >> the faith. the love and support of my family, which i do have. >> addiction is a chronic illness. and it takes a long -- it takes a lifetime to treat. >> reporter: a return to rehab bolsters hope that the now-47-year-old houston knows how many are pulling for her, to amaze us once more. >> that's chris connelly. thanks for that. we do hope that whitney pulls through this. now, let's go to sam with the morning menu. >> hey, george. probleming that second cup of coffee. we go from chastity to chaz.
8:10 am
chaz bono's journey to become the man he knew he was deep down inside. and who sizzled? and who fizzled? we're the only folks that can give you donny osmond's "dancing with the stars" exclusive dish. why? we're the place with "dancing with the stars." and gayle king will reveal 25 years of oprah memories. it's hard to believe we won't have oprah on her daily show. her most unforgettable moment, coming up on "gma." [ sneezes ] allergies? you think i have allergies? you're sneezing. i'm allergic to you. doubtful, you love me. hey, you can't take allegra with fruit juice. what? yeah, it's on the label. really? here, there's nothing about juice on the zyrtec® label. what? labels are meant to be read. i'd be lost without you. i knew you weren't allergic to me. [ sneezes ] you know, you can't take allegra with orange juice. both: really? fyi. [ male announcer ] get zyrtec®'s proven allergy relief and love the air®. [ shrek ] calm down donkey.
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8:13 am
♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ express yourself ♪ ♪ oh, do it ♪ oh, do it [ female announcer ] coffee is like life. it's better when you add your flavor. like rich caramel macchiato, part of coffee-mate's new café collection. from nestle. when you need it the most. it's the comfort of a scent you've always loved. it's freshness that lasts for 14 days. it's snuggly softness you depend on. ♪
8:14 am
it's value you can feel good about. it's what makes the world a softer place. ♪ let's snuggle. i wear what i love, because expression means everything. ♪ too hot to trot some say i'm one-of-a-kind. i say i'm so chico's. with "dud," "reject," "flop," "failure," "bust." introducing the mccafé frozen strawberry lemonade from mcdonald's. we're tart, tangy, and even sweet when you mix in the strawberries. oh, yeah. how do you like me now? now, chaz bono, the samous child of celebrity superstars, sonny and cher, was born chastity. but in his new book, "transition, the story of how i
8:15 am
became a man," chaz tells the story of becoming the person he always knew he was. we're going to have a discussion. he's live here in the studio. first, a look back. >> god bless you. >> reporter: chaz grew up in the spotlight, the only child of the first couple of pop, sonny and cher. ♪ babe i got you babe ♪ >> reporter: for years, the little girl known as chastity was fighting a demon within. for n a new book called "transition," chaz talks about confusion. playing with knives. his mother, glam queen, cher, was horrified. >> my mom has her first child. and has the kind of expectations that any mother would have of their first born daughter. >> reporter: as a teenager, chaz came out, embraced a lesbian lifestyle. but something was missing. >> going in one way. and coming out another.
8:16 am
>> reporter: in a revealing documentary, airing tonight on own, on the outside, chastity bono was a woman. on the inside, she was most definitely a man. >> i want you to get it in the right spot. >> reporter: after thinking long and hard, chaz underwent the surgery to become a man. his breasts were surgically removed. here he is, seeing his new chest for the first time. initially, cher was supportive of the gender change. then, grew distant. >> she said never do this. when we first talked about, she was so supportive. and then, the reality hit her. and she needed time to process it. >> reporter: as for bono's girlfriend, jennifer, she says watching her one-time girlfriend transform into a man who shaves his face, has been a test. >> i miss the person i met five years ago. no human i ever met was as nice
8:17 am
as he was. and that's what i fell in love with. and i don't see that anymore. stop yelling at me. >> it's fine. leave it. >> reporter: chaz says testosterone has caused mood swings. but at the end of the day, the couple says the sex change transition has meant a lot. >> it's exceeded every expectation i've had. once again, chaz's book is called "transition, the story of how i became a man." hits bookstores today. chaz, good to have you back on the program. >> thank you. >> your documentary airs tonight on the own network. >> it's a big day for me. a really big day for me. i woke up at 6:00 in the morning like, this is a really big day for me. >> you always said, you don't handle change very well. >> right. >> when you were younger. >> that's true. >> and it's not something you're used to. >> i'm a creature of habit. put it that way. >> you kind of knew, when we went to the videotape, we're going to have the picture of you
8:18 am
as a child on your folks' show. >> right >> and you write about how you don't have any memory. >> i don't. i don't have memory of that especially young as you're seeing now. as i start to get older on the show, i have scattered memories. but mostly, backstage stuff. and it's been very strange my whole life because there's this iconic image. and it's engrained in everybody's memory of a certain generation. and i'm an integral part of it. but it's not part of my memory. bizarre. >> it is bizarre. and you write well about that, chaz. >> thank you. >> and you say that, you never thought you'd be, as you wrote, a little girl who turned into a middle-aged man. >> no. of course not. >> you were blind sided by the full realization of who you are. >> sure. yeah. it's not something -- it's not the first thing you go to when you're feeling uncomfortable and ill at ease with yourself. you just don't go there first.
8:19 am
it took a long time for me to kind of process of elimination really figure this out. >> and how it has been for your family because we think of your mom a certain way. fans of hers. but you are her child. >> sure. and she's a mother. that's our relationship, first and foremost. with me, she reacts like a mother, not a, you know, pop superstar or kind of progressive icon. >> right. she was really cool, as you wrote, in the beginning. and then, it's been more of a process for her, too. >> it's a process. absolutely. it really is a process. it took me 40 years to start my transition and become comfortable with it. it's a process she's getting through to be comfortable with me this way. >> i know, hearing your voice on the machine. >> she heard my voice and realized that it had changed, she wasn't going to hear it, you know, the old voice again, it really hit her. >> there are just so many things that i'm reading your book.
8:20 am
and things i wouldn't even think of, that you were -- you loved your dad. had a great relationship with your dad. >> yes. >> you thought at one point about going into politics. but there was a certain word you would be called. >> yes. congresswoman really caught me. my dad was in congress, i went there to take place in the reintroduction of the employment not discrimination act of congress. and after my press conference, i met up with him. he took me on to the floor. i'm looking at everybody. and i thought this, is great. i would, you know, i would love to get into politics. i would love to do what he's doing. but it would hit me. everybody will call me congresswoman. and i don't think i can live with woman in my title. >> so, that was just part of you realizing. >> uh-huh. >> and you, as we see and we'll see tonight in the documentary, the shots you have to take. >> yeah. >> it's changed you. and it's changed you how you
8:21 am
look at women, how you view women? >> it hasn't changed how i view women. but i've become much more male. it's changed my, how do i say? i don't want to be offensive in any way. >> go ahead. >> when i'm in a group of women, because so many of my friends are women. >> right. >> i'll, you know, get in a group of women. and they'll start talking, as women can do. and i just can't do that anymore. i just can't talk endlessly about, you know, whatever. >> so, what we're going after, the gossip or whatever, it grates on your -- >> it does. i usually have to get up and clean or do something physical. >> and you never were like that. >> no. i probably wasn't a big talker before. but i could sit and listen endlessly. but not anymore. >> and you think men are very comfortable, more comfortable with you now. >> everybody's more comfortable with me now. you know, look. before, i was looked at as a woman. but a woman who didn't act like a woman or dress like a woman. and that makes people very uncomfortable in our society.
8:22 am
now, i'm a man, and i act appropriately masculine. for me, that's great. but i think it's also really sad for people who don't, you know, fit in one way or the other, totally, and don't want to. that they're not treated as well in our society. >> that is why your book is going to be so helpful. >> i hope so. >> and dedicated to those going through a transformation. >> and the bottom line is you're happy. >> i'm happy. >> and the book is called "transition." >> back to george. >> thank you, robin. congrats to chaz on his big day. right now, it's crunch time on "dancing with the stars." last night, they performed two dances each. donny osmond, with standing by with his expert take. first, take a look at monday's best moments. ♪ ♪
8:23 am
♪ >> and donny osmond, live from las vegas right now. >> yeah, baby. >> first of the season. two double-tens, chelsea and mark. >> double-ten for chelsea and mark. it was really exciting. there was amazing dancing last night. and unfortunate accidents that took place. but two tens for chelsea and mark. by the way, let me say something. while i mention mark ballas' name. i think it's so unfair how len is judging mark ballas. he's probably the best dancer out there. and he's getting bad raps. something's wrong between the two. that relationship right there. mark ballas and chelsea came
8:24 am
out. if mark had a bad companion and couldn't dance, mark is way out of line. but chelsea can dance. they are the best dancers. >> sounds like you would have given them 30 last night. let's go on to the story. i think the story of last nights, raffle macchio, the ruptured cyst on his knee. but he powers through. >> it's "the karate kid" spirit, isn't it? it was amazing to watch him get out there. you knew how much pain he was in. i dance with a broken toe. that's painful. but to have a burst ruptured cyst behind your right knee, i don't know how he did it. >> it was really amazing. the question is, he did okay. but got some lower scores. do you think he got sympathy votes and is able to stay in? >> here's what i think is going to happen, george. this is dancing according to donny, right? hines ward is not going anywhere. great support. you have chelsea kane. she's not going anywhere, the
8:25 am
per. best dancer out there. you have kirstie alley. america is in love with kirstie alley. i think there is your top three as we come to the final. that leaves ralph and romeo. something could happen tonight. it happened when i was competing a few seasons ago, when tom delay bowed out because of accidents to his ankle. if raffle macchio bows out because of the bad pain he's going through. >> he's not going to do that, is he? >> if he does. it could happen. it's happened in the past. if he bows out, romeo is safe. here's my prediction. if he doesn't bow out and says, i'm going to continue on with the competition, romeo is the sacrificial lamb. >> you think romeo is more likely. we will see. we will see tonight. that's interesting. i had not thought of him, actually, bowing out. you mentioned kirstie and maks, how they are sweethearts across the country. >> they're not sweethearts. you can't call that relationship
8:26 am
sweethearts. it's anything but sweethearts. >> it's not with each other. i don't buy for a minute. they are tweeting all night long. >> i think kirstie alley is the only woman that can intimidate maks. i know maks personally. the stage is only big enough for the ego of maks. nobody else. but she can whip him into shape. and he is so hard on his co-dancers. but he's pulled it out of kirstie. she's amazing, george. >> what about the way they're working twitter? do you think that helps get the votes up? >> most ndefinitely. my comments are to you, the viewer. you have no idea how powerful you are when you pick up the phone and start voting. i think raffle macchio is going to stay. >> he thinks romeo is going to go. we'll find out tonight on "dancing with the stars" at 9:00, 8:00 central. thanks, donny osmond.
8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning everybody. i am alison starling and 8:26 time.7 is your begin with lisa baden. i will begin in dumfries, because of a crash on 234. a medevac helicopter has been on have the and they now patient free from the vehicle. they will transport the victim but 234 remains closed south of minniville road.
8:28 am
this is a sizable water main on 27/of rich red beet valley andtween king state road. this is what it will look like the rest of the day. beautiful day today. at the sun rise over the bay at about 6:00 a.m. a few high thin clouds rolling for the morning and patchy clouds this afternoon. overall, it will look and feel like yesterday. a perfect day with highs in the mid 70's, low humidity is may at its finest in theington until we get into upcoming weekend. we will have a change in the pattern and a better areas of showers thunderstorms by saturday sunday by a comfortable in the 70's. thank you so much. d.c. and new york city will be the first place to take place in new emergency alert system.
8:29 am
federal state at local agencies to text warning to yourself on. include ember alerts naturalwarnings about disasters or terrorist attacks. we will have another update at 8:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to news channel 8. for c[ male announcer ]erage, it was forged from the fires of imaginatition. sculpted by an unyielding passion for design. ♪ and tempered by 125 years of legendary performance. introducing the all-new 2012 cls from mercedes-benz. where the world's greatest automobiles take shape. meedes-benz. the best or nothing.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ simply the best i don't know what this song has to do with what we're announcing. but we have a very special announcement, right here on "gma." next week is going to be a very big week for all of us. >> we're fanning out around the country. for america's favorite reality shows. take a look. >> reality tv. we watch it and watch it and love it. but what happens when you're actually in it? next week, you'll see, as "good morning america" gets a starring role, in reality tv. how spicy does it get? when robin hits the road with a
8:31 am
great few truck race. >> let's see what you've got. >> and what happens when george rolls on to "pawn stars." >> how much you want? >> or "19 kids and counting." or wrangling a gator. and what happens when lara makes "the mob wives" an often they can't refuse? and look out, josh. you're about to "wipeout." >> you know why i'm doing it? robin wouldn't do it. george wouldn't do it. and sam really wouldn't do it. >> we're not just watching reality tv. we're in reality tv all week. on "good morning america." on abc. >> oh, my. >> how long did it take you to recover? >> actually, i have not -- that's the first time i've seen it. the next morning, i forwent the advil, day of. next morning, i couldn't get out of bed.
8:32 am
and i'm literally talking, could not get out of -- it was -- >> i love having the new guy here. but i feel bad now. >> man. you're going to feel a lot worse in a few days. trust me. >> he was trash-talking us. >> not trash-talk. that's reality. you're right, josh. we're not going to do that stuff. that is why you're here. >> that's it. >> meanwhile, i get assigned "mob wives." are you trying to send me a message? >> no. they're lovely. they've been here. >> very lovely ladies. >> i had a ball. >> oh, you did. >> so happy that you had a ball. in your air-conditioned pawnshop, wheeling and dealing, while i was face-first into all manner of obstacle, over and -- >> you see how much that bothers you? really breaking me up. >> thank you, george. that's the support. boy. let's go to sam and the weather. >> here's what i can promise you. i will be sitting down with cold
8:33 am
pop-tarts and cold milk, all next week, watching the four of you do whatever it is that you are doing. that's -- i can promise you. >> why don't you put them in the toaster, sam? >> let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to talk about. as we stay in memphis. here's the good news for memphis. they now know how much muddy watter will get into their town because it's reached its crest. for areas like vicks berg and natchez, it will crest next week. and here's our, by the way, flood warnings all the way down to new orleans. and we'll find out whether they open the remaining spillways to release some of the water through the new orleans area. fire danger, also an issue today. at least six states have red flag warnings, due 66 degrees right now way to the mid-
8:34 am
70s's all week long. comfortable conditions with humidity. buthine today and tomorrow by and we are live in memphis this morning. robin? >> all right, sam. miss you. but so glad that you are there for the people there. come home safely soon. in november 2009, oprah winfrey, you know, made that tearful announcement she was ending her show after 25 amazing years. >> these years with you, our viewers, have enriched my life beyond all measure. >> you know, she has enriched ours so much, too. the last show airs on may 25th. and in the upcoming issue of "o," the oprah magazine, editor at large, gayle king, has a revealing interview about the shows that moved them both and oprah's top-25 favorite moments. and gayle joins us from the
8:35 am
gayle king studio. i know you were deciding whether to go with the necklace. i like it. >> i used to know how to dress myself. now, i'm like, andre, which shirt should i wear? the red or the gold? which color shoes? it's ridiculous, i know. >> it works. >> listen. >> go ahead. >> i was watching you this morning, as i always do. and even in the commercial break, it said, coming up today at 4:00 on "the oprah show," it was weight loss finale. pretty soon, we're not going to hear that anymore. >> i don't think you're handling that well. oprah is handling it better than the rest of us. >> you know, it's so funny. of course, as you know, i talk and every day, she gets happier and happier. and every day, i have to say, i get a little more irritated. i watch the show. and now, they have the countdown. i think we're down to 12 shows. and i said to her, flashing lights. capital letters. only 12 shows left.
8:36 am
and every time i hear it, you know, it just makes me a little sad. but you know, she made a really interesting point to me the other day. and i never thought about this. i watch the show every day. she does the show every day. so, for her, it's not the same experience. you know? it's really been such a part of my life. i said, now, i'm just going to get back to her. i use the show to work out every, single day. >> a lot of us do. and i know with the upcoming issue of the magazine, some great moments. and you are not envious of anyone. you're a confident person. the only time i heard you say you were jealous, except, tina turner, "simply the best," when she did that. >> yes. it's no secret to you and anybody who knows me, that i love music. i know i can't sing. and i love me some tina turner. and oprah on the stage with tina turner, i was so happy for her. but really, the first time that i went there that i thought, i want to do that, too. i remember. i went to the rehearsals when
8:37 am
tina was teaching her. oprah was so nervous. and she got up there and nailed it. and i thought, that was a cool thing. >> that was cool. you know what else was cool? i got a feeling. black eyed peas. with the flash mob. >> the flash mob. the thing about that is, oprah did not know that was going to happen. i didn't really know that was going to happen. anybody watching, you know, it starts off with just a little group of people. there was one girl in a blue shirt, i think she had. you thought, she's a little extra. really bumping to the music. okay. somebody needs to tell her to sit down. we see you. after a while, how it just spread through the crowd and spread through the crowd. i heard one oprah viewer describe it, robin, as joy rising. that was such an accurate portrayal. people started weeping after that. >> i remember that so incredibly well. and i also remember 1988. i've got to tell you, when she rolled out, that wagon of fat.
8:38 am
that was a true moment. >> yeah. you know, it's funny because that was, you know, oprah's made no secret of her struggles with her weight. and she's been candid about it. and i asked her the other day, if you had to do it all over again, would you be so graphic and show the fat in the wagon? she goes, yes. she said, nothing really illustrated the point more than that little wagon. it's now, as you know, become an iconic shot. and oprah's -- it's funny, rolling out the fat in a wagon would still, 25 years later, we're still talking about it. they were just trying to figure out a way to illustrate. oprah says, even now, when she is carrying a heavy bag or a suitca suitcase, she tries to think about it. >> and broadway? we hear that's her next challenge. she has a lot of plays she's reading over and all this interest. is she going to do it? >> here's the thing. she did chris rock the other
8:39 am
day. he has a great, great play. she interviewed chris. and chris was talking about the joyce of broadway. it is something that she secretly and now not-so-secretly wants to do. and i know she's talking to a lot of different people. i have a feeling that if she really wants to do it, and i know she really does, it would really happen. >> what's really going to happen on your show as we go away, on the own network? >> oh. let's see. i'm really excited today. paul reiser's coming in today. >> i like him. >> we have an unexpected theme song, theme show. david goldman. the story about the father who lost his son, when the mother took him to brazil? now, they're reunited. and beth holloway talking about the disappearance of her daughter. everybody's getting a tv show. beth holloway is coming in later today. >> you have a great lineup on
8:40 am
your show. and i like the red. don't go with the gold. >> i'm going to keep it. >> all right. we'll see you soon. take care now. next, think you have trouble with clutter? we'll take you inside the secret life of horders who
8:41 am
8:42 am
now, we're going to take a look inside the secret lives of people who can't throw anything
8:43 am
out, even when it puts their lives and loved ones at risk. "hoarders" on a&e, shines the light on this epidemic. and woe have the story of one person who badly needed their help. >> sim susan. i'm 67 years old. and i'm retired. >> the love and relationship she didn't have with her own children, she substituted the dolls. slowly, it built up, and got worse as the relationships got worse. >> i started accumulating things to fill the sadness. >> we got one area in the family room where one person can sit. other than that, the other rooms are pretty much unusable. >> i could have started drinking. i could have done drugs. i could have blown myself away. i wouldn't have done that. but sometimes, i wanted to. >> my mother is a hoarder. the house has become unmanageable, to the point where i don't believe it's even livable.
8:44 am
19 years since i've been back. i'm very anxious. my dad has had some serious health things. and he needs to have a comfortable home to live in. >> when we came home from the hospital, he required nursing care. and we couldn't come here. >> my concern is, if something happened, we would be trapped in the house. that scares me. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> i am here with matt to help susan begin to deal with her compulsive hoarding problem. >> we're going to take everything out of this house. we're going to keep the stuff you really need to keep. and we're going to get rid of the stuff you don't need. i'm going down into that pile. >> she has an unbelievable
8:45 am
amount of purchases in this house. and when you add all of these up, it is insane amount of money that she has spent on really nothing. >> i had no idea what was in my home. >> are you nervous seeing all this stuff go? >> no. >> i'm standing in a place that was six feet above me, full of stuff. okay? this is amazing. >> my, my, my, my. when i went into the house, it looked like the taj mahal. >> i'd say volume-wise, probably 25,000 pounds she took out of this house today. >> 25,000 pounds. we're joined by the clutter-buster you just saw and the author of a new book called "the secret lives of hoarders," matt paxton. that seems so extreme. and you say it's not even if your top 50. >> no.
8:46 am
every house we go to, is filled to the top, with hobbies, papers, family photos. >> what have you learned about the extreme hoarders? the ones that can't control it anymore? >> to break it down to the corps. they get depressed. and to make themselves feel better, they buy things. it's that simple. >> could have gone out drinking. could have been partying all night. >> a lot of people get hammered. she went out and bought things online. >> the book you wrote is for everyone. one time, all of us know what it is like to have the house get cluttered up. not to that extreme level. but what do you say to how to keep the clutter out of the house? >> they need rules. they need rules to function. we wanted to make this book to help everybody understand. not just the extreme ones. even you and me. >> what are the big rules? >> best one is called ten minute sweep. you get the entire family to come in for ten minutes. you focus on a two-foot area. and put everything in its proper
8:47 am
place. >> and number two, for every item you bring into the house, one has to go. >> equal in. equal out. you bring in cereal, something else has to go out. >> and the taking the bag. put everything in its proper place. that way, you know what you have in the home. you don't go back and buy additional things. >> if you buy those three rules, you'll declutter your life. >> the book is full of rules. >> it's called "the secret lives of hoarders." matt paxton, thank you very much. the new season of "hoarders" will start on monday, on a&e. when
8:48 am
at 190 miles per hour, the wind will literally lift ordinary windshield wipers off the glass. so, did we build a slower car? or design wipers that could handle anything?
8:49 am
what do you think? the cadillac cts-v, the world's fastesest production sedan. we don't just make luxury cars, we make cadillacs it's been a remarkable few years for penelope cruz. an oscar, marriage, baby boy. now, she is taking on jack
8:50 am
sparrow, in the new "pirates of the caribbean" film. >> reporter: her name is angelica. but she is no angel. penelope cruz plays a pirate. the devious daughter of the barbarian, black beard. >> action. >> reporter: johnny depp drops in, as the quick-witted captain sparrow. he is forced by his pirate family to help hunt for the fountain of youth, in "pirates of the caribbean, on stranger tides." >> my family has a history with jack sparrow. >> can i trust you? >> he's very tricky. very manipulating. she is a good liar. i'm not a good liar in life. >> reporter: how can you not be
8:51 am
a great liar in life, but such a talented actress, in the sense -- >> thank you. >> reporter: it seems like, for most people, that would be confusing. if you can't tell a lie in real life, you can completely become somebody else. >> i think it's very different, acting from lying. you have the permission to be bad. you have permission to be a liar. you have a permission for so many things. you don't feel good when you do them in life. >> reporter: she won an oscar for "vicky cristina barcelona." co-starring javier bardem. they got married last fall. and penelope was pregnant while films, with a cautious movie crew. >> i will never forget how protective they were with me. >> reporter: she speaks passionately about "pirates." but penelope's private life is private. how are you enjoying motherhood?
8:52 am
>> all i'm going to say to you is i'm extremely happy about it. >> reporter: i'm glad. are you going to be excited to show this film to your son? you just had a son in january. is that something you look forward to? >> it will be exciting. i'll have to wait a few years for that. >> reporter: penelope graciously posed with my family, before the movie's premiere at disneyland. "pirates of the caribbean, on stranger tides" are the fourth movie in a box office treasure chest. the first three totaled $2.5 billion worldwide. was there any pressure coming into such a successful series? >> there is always pressure. but when you go to work, you're not thinking about that. you're not thinking about numbers. you want to do something to move people that will make them laugh. that will take them to a great adventure for whole family.
8:53 am
that makes me happy. >> reporter: "pirates" was a reunion for johnny and penelope. they worked together on the movie "blow," and she worked with rob marshal on "nine." i asked if she would go on another pirate adventure. but they are hard to work on a fifth script. it's a great series. >> that picture is a keeper with your family, isn't it? >> that was just an added plus. it's funny. penelope said my daughter's heart was racing. she had her hand on her heart. >> and that was a tough assignment for you. cam, run along. we'll see you soon. take care. we'll be right back. ♪
8:54 am
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>> thanks for watching abc news. diane will be back in new york tonight. you can follow us on facebook and twitter. so long. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
and good morning everybody. 8:56 is your time on this tuesday, i am alison starling. lisa baden has a look at traffic. we will look in damascus, maryland with newschopper7 over ridge road. for the rest of the day, it will like this between king today and sweepstakes road. are repairing a water main break. we will take you live to northbound 95 in virginia on the loop, we haduter out of the wayed pace looks like that woodbridge, virginia. another camera will take it to the beltway at river road. they want to go inside the beltway. there was a broken-down car. nothing but good news with a
8:58 am
sunshine. of the the time lapse sun rise over the district. temperatures are in the mid 50's. 56 degrees in the district. 59 degrees in annapolis. another comfortable day, partly cloudy skies, gorgeous weather the work week, friday may be some showers into themountain and should be some showers locally. arts groups in d.c. are proposed 6% tax on tickets for performances and museums. in the mayor's budget for next year. a real estate in other groups onlineculating an petition to oppose this tax. toll cause them members ande ultimately revenue. thanks for watching and we will be back at noo
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